#625: Bryant Park musical chairs

03 Jun

The fact that I don’t remember if I used to be good at musical chairs is a sign that either:

  1. I was so bad at musical chairs that I’ve blocked the memory of the trauma, much like how I try to pretend high school gym class never happened, or
  2. I only played musical chairs a few times in Girl Scouts or at camp, so it didn’t significantly affect my life’s trajectory.

What I do know is that, whether I was good or bad at the game back then, I am not good at musical chairs as an adult.

For one thing, I’m so impatient that when people are hovering over the chairs (something the host, Ophira Eisenberg, clearly stated was not allowed), I will try to go forward just to keep moving, which means I am not hovering over a chair and therefore less likely to end up with one when the music stops.  For another–actually, I don’t know what else my problem was, but I got eliminated in the second round.

I also got a free t-shirt.  And if there’s anything I love more than free t-shirts, it’s…well, free pizza, or free ice cream, or free tickets to Hawaii, or free 3D-printed stuff.

But I just got free ice cream at the Yankees game the other day, and no one was giving away any of that other stuff, so I was happy with the t-shirt.

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Posted by on June 3, 2014 in NYC


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