#626: Put something in the mystery surprise drawer

04 Jun

A few weeks ago, the receptionist at work sent this email to the entire office:

Please do not leave thumb tacks in the mystery surprise drawer! If it was meant as a joke, it’s not funny.

It’s in the running for the funniest email I’ve ever received.

So there are drawers in the pantry labeled with “Spoons” and “Forks” and “Sugar.”  And there’s one labeled “Mystery Surprise,” but there’s never been anything in that drawer.  A pretty lame surprise if you ask me.

I don’t know who put the thumb tacks in the drawer, and I am firmly against hurting others purposely.  However, what bothered me about the email is that even if the receptionist didn’t like the thumb tacks, they were in fact a mystery surprise, so they fit the labeled drawer entirely.

What the receptionist failed to realize is that not every surprise is a good one.  Wouldn’t it be nice if surprises were only ever good? Perhaps.  But then how could we properly appreciate them?

It’s only because there were once thumb tacks in the mystery surprise drawer that people so greatly enjoyed the chocolate I put in there yesterday.  Or else maybe people just always appreciate chocolate.

Regardless, it felt good to be the bearer of a happy surprise–though I regret to tell you my surprise did not inspire a funny email from the receptionist.

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