#628: Corporate challenge

06 Jun

Five years ago I never would have imagined I’d sign up for the corporate challenge (a roughly 5K-race in Central Park).  Even last year, I wouldn’t have assumed I’d do this.

But this year, as soon as the email about the race came out, I signed up.  Without even thinking, I automatically knew I would do it.

And it made me realize that a simple-sounding thing like adding running to my typical–read: nearly nonexistent–exercise routine has already fundamentally altered my life, only 6 months later.

It’s weird because I didn’t expect it, and it’s strange because I often find myself witnessing something I’m doing (forgoing the cookies a colleague has brought into work; researching yoga poses; going for a run on my birthday) and thinking, “Who is this person?”

It’s also cool because I didn’t expect it, and it’s nice because I have no idea what the answer to “Who is this person?” is, but I know it’s good.

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