#629: A Mercantile Novel

07 Jun

In the past, I’ve thought that some contemporary art is just an excuse to showcase things that no one else understands (but can’t admit it or else they’ll seem unsophisticated).  I still think that.  But I will support it as long as it opens a space for exhibits like this one.

“This one” being Oscar Murrilo’s A Mercantile Novel, which is essentially a small-scale chocolate factory, churning out chocolate-covered marshmallows for the public.

The idea is that you’re supposed to take the candy and then distribute it to people all around New York, thus spreading happiness around the city.

I do plan to distribute some of these candies, but yesterday, my own happiness at eating free chocolate on a Friday afternoon when I had nowhere else I had to be was pretty spectacular.

photo 2 (27)      photo 1 (27)

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