#633: Run before work

13 Jun

The concept of going for a run before work is appealing.  You get it over with first thing; you set yourself up for a healthy day; you don’t have to worry about being too tired or busy after work to do it.

The actual execution of that concept?

You wake up.  You lie in bed for a while, telling yourself you’re “stretching” while knowing full well you’re just stalling the getting out of bed part of the procedure.  You get out of bed.  You open your computer.  You check the weather.  You answer a few emails.  You check the weather again.  You drink a few sips of water.  You use the restroom.  You check the weather.  You stretch.  You tell yourself this is really happening.  You yawn.  You check the weather.  You put on some running clothes.  You stretch a bit more.  You realize you have to leave right this instant if you’re going to get back and then to work on time.  You check the weather.  You go outside.  You run.

You come back, take a shower, and sit on your couch until you’re about to be late, waiting for that energy people talk about to show up.

You don’t think you feel any differently from the days you don’t run before work.  You wonder why so many people have been recommending this to you lately.  You wonder if you have to like running in the first place for running in the morning to be enjoyable.

You make it to the end of the day without being more tired than usual, so you figure at the very least, running in the morning hasn’t caused any negative effects, an outcome that, these days, seems to be the measure for whether or not to do things, which you realize maybe doesn’t sound super positive but has been working out okay for a while and honestly, staying completely neutral is preferable to the spiral of negativity you’re prone to unleashing whenever your annoying over-working brain starts butting into conversations you’re having with yourself about your life, or your next vacation, or the position you’re hiring for at work, or some pigeons on the sidewalk.

So you decide to do it again sometime.

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