#639: Get a boost

19 Jun

…on OkCupid.  When I say “get a boost,” what I mean is, “pay $2 to have my profile seen by more people than usual.”

Was it worth it?

Well, let’s look at the numbers.  As a result of the 15 minutes that the boost was active:

  • my username/link to my profile appeared on the screen to 4,668 people
  • 14 people visited my profile
  • 10 people “liked” me
  • I got one substantial message
  • I got one “Hello BEAUTIFUL” message
  • I have one first date planned.

So…I don’t know.  I guess that’s impressive for 15 minutes.  Of course, what the numbers don’t show is whether any of those more than 4,000 people are potentially prepared to enter into a healthy–these days I need to clarify–relationship with me.  The numbers don’t tell whether this first date will lead to more.  The numbers don’t hint at whether those 14 people who visited my profile would have visited it even if I hadn’t paid for the boost, or, if they’re people who shouldn’t have been looking at my profile in the first place.

Which is all understandable, since numbers can’t predict things like lasting relationships.  (Okay, there’s apparently a formula for choosing who to marry, and OkCupid itself uses some pretty fancy algorithms, and there’s also this, which says there are, at a given point, 871 people out there for you.  But it’s still up to you, not math, to get the whole thing right.)  Maybe I’ve already met my future husband.  Maybe I never will. Maybe it will have nothing to do with online dating, or maybe it will be an elaborate tale starting with craigslist missed connections. Who knows?

All I know is, for 15 minutes, I was mesmerized by watching the tiny icons of people whose screens my tiny icon was showing up on.

Worth $2?  I’ve definitely paid more for less entertaining situations.


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Posted by on June 19, 2014 in Dating


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One response to “#639: Get a boost

  1. thenarcissistwrites

    June 19, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    Not worth it in my opinion but who knows, maybe you found your future husband! Haha.


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