#642: Close Encounters

25 Jun

Living in NYC means not being surprised when you happen upon a random street performance.  I think it’s one of the requirements to being considered a “true” New Yorker (if you believe in that sort of thing, which I do and I don’t, depending on the day and who asks).

But even though I wasn’t surprised to see ROVE performing Close Encounters in a hotel window and in the middle of the sidewalk, I was slightly moved.

Maybe it’s just because I was in an emotional mood–did I say mood?  I meant life–and the music was pretty. Maybe it was seeing strangers dance with each other.  Maybe it was because they left me alone and didn’t make me dance with them…only because I backed away quickly when I saw I was the last one left who hadn’t danced with them.

Whatever the reason, it was nice, and I was surprised.  So call me an untrue New Yorker if you wish.  I’d rather be that than unable to appreciate random moments of glee.  In fact, if I ever become a cold-hearted “true” New Yorker (if you believe New Yorkers are that sort of thing, which I do and I don’t, depending on whether I’ve just been trapped on a crowded subway), feel free to come up to me and force me to dance with you on the sidewalk.

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