#644: Get an emoji screenname

01 Jul

Technically, I got 3.  But it wasn’t because I couldn’t decide which pictogram-type symbols best represented me.  I was just being smart, in case turns into the next AOL Instant Messenger.  I mean, from the day I first created mine based on the nickname my high school boyfriend called me and my freshman year dorm room number, it stuck.  I was forever salsa813.   Plus, I wanted to make sure I got every variation of my first and last name just in case all of the good pictures were taken by the time I got around to actually wanting to use an emoji-only messaging system.

You never know, right?  Two years ago I had never even used an emoticon before, so our evolution as a species just can’t be predicted.

But also, here’s the truth: as someone who types a whole lot of them on a daily basis, I understand that sometimes, there just aren’t enough words to express yourself completely in any language.  Images at least give us another shot at saying what’s inside our brains but refusing to be articulated.

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