#645: Enjoy a rain delay

03 Jul

I don’t like thunderstorms.  It’s not because I’m afraid of them.  It’s because they put a damper on fun outdoor activities.

Such as a Cyclones game.  Half of the people planning to go to the game with me backed out because of the impending storms, and we didn’t even make it into the stadium last night before the thunder started.  And the lightning.  And torrential rain.

But instead of being disappointed the weather wasn’t perfect like it has been a lot recently, instead of thinking about how annoying it was that I was going to have a really long train ride home for nothing, instead of complaining that I have such terrible luck, I just went with it.   I didn’t obsess over whether the game would ever start.  I did drink cheap beer, eat unhealthy food, and place bets on how long each bout of rain would last.

Which is why, 3 hours later, when they finally canceled the game and gave out rain checks, I found myself with 28 tickets to 2 future Cyclones games.  It’s also why I found myself in the Coney Island Applebee’s, which–in case you haven’t been privileged enough to experience it yourself–contains an aquarium.

Totally worth the 2-hour train ride back at midnight.

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