#651: See the Metropolitan Opera outside

11 Jul

Despite what it may seem, I’m not a giant opera fan.  However, I am a fan of arriving to a free event at Socrates Sculpture Park really late and just sitting down on the ground and eating dinner while listening to talented people sing in foreign languages.  And not having to worry about climbing over people since this is Queens and people are hesitant to go to Queens, which works out great if you live in Queens.  And then seeing a streak of bright pink clouds as the only indication that the sun has set (the clouds blocking what is otherwise a spectacular sight from this particular viewpoint).

And then thinking how, even though you’re by yourself at this exact moment, you’re not really alone because you have the entire city–and on this night that includes trees and a crazy sculpture of a giant woman you can go inside and more bikes than you can count and a pleasant breeze marking the end of the stifling heat wave–to keep you company.

I am a fan of all of that, which is why the fact that I couldn’t understand what the singers were saying didn’t bother me.  Plus, the last song they did was “I Could Have Danced All Night” from My Fair Lady, which I do understand and which is still in my head–and I really don’t mind if it never leaves.

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