#652: Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar

12 Jul

It started as a joke.

When a coworker said he wanted to go to this restaurant last year because of its terrible review, most people laughed.  Months later, when a group of us decided to plan a visit to the place, we perused the fake menu online and made fun of things on the real menu.  Email chains mocking Guy and his food lasted for days.  Word got out around the office and foodies questioned our decision.

But when the big day came, we had to admit we were excited to finally go.  Arriving at the reserved table in the back (which wasn’t really necessary considering there were about 7 other customers in the giant restaurant at 1:30 on a Friday), we were giddy with anticipation.  We couldn’t wait to giggle at how bad the experience would be.

And, yeah.  It wasn’t great.  The food was chain-restaurant-quality.  The service was sort of slow.  Most entrees were cold.  The prices were outrageous.

But it wasn’t that bad.  In fact, it was decent for a Times Square dining establishment.

So, despite how horrible that review was, Guy Fieri should thank the writer if he hasn’t already.  It brought people’s expectations so far down that when they discover they’re not actually going to explode with nuclear waste after eating at his restaurant, they’re pleasantly surprised.

It ended as a joke, but I think the joke was on us.

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