#659: Umami Burger

26 Jul

According to this article, the umami flavor can help people feel fuller so they eat less later and are satisfied during their current meal with less food.

I can’t really speak to that speculation, as at Umami Burger I had an 800-calorie truffle burger, plus fries with truffle cheese.  Then later at Coney Island I had an ice cream cone, and then later still at the Cyclones game I had a hot dog and a pretzel.

But I can speak to the fact that finally trying out the restaurant was a great experience.  Except for the umami ketchup, which was sweet and strange and not as easy to shovel into my mouth along with fries as its regular Heinz cousin is.  A small disappoint for a ketchup connoisseur like myself, but worth noting all the same.  After all, what’s the point of eating fries if you don’t enjoy the accompanying ketchup?

There is no point–but you already knew that.

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Posted by on July 26, 2014 in Food/Drink


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