#665: See Sharknado

09 Aug

You know I don’t believe fate is very hard at work in any of our lives.  However, if you believe everything happens for a reason, you’ll understand that it was only because the guy I’d been seeing decided he didn’t want to see me anymore that I ended up eating Nerds rope and watching Sharknado last night.

And it did sort of feel fate-like.  Or, really, destiny-like.

Because with every ridiculous line of dialogue, with every absurd scene, with every outrageous blasting of a shark, I felt a kind of joy that probably nothing else could have brought at that time.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself for having certain flaws I can’t seem to get under control, and mourning the possibility of a relationship that never had a chance to get going, and worrying about dying alone, I just laughed at these sharks and the people fighting them off.

It was exactly what I needed.

I know this because today when I woke up, I simply felt glad to have met the guy, which is a realization that typically takes longer to sink in as I wallow in self-pity over the latest break-up.  The sharks must have helped the acceptance seep into my brain sooner.

I don’t want to be dumped again (which of course can only be ensured if I just stop dating, which doesn’t sound like the worst option in the world right now), but the next time I am, I can only hope Sharknado 2 is out on Netflix by then.

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