#669: Know someone with brain cancer

13 Aug

My first reaction when I heard someone from my hometown had a brain tumor was, Why her?  My second reaction was, Why not someone like me?

Of course it doesn’t–that’s not how life works and I know it–but if cancer went around looking for logical candidates for its wrath, it would choose me over her.  She has a husband and a small child, and while I’m in no way saying my contribution to humanity isn’t worth as much because I have neither, I am saying it would make more sense for someone like me to have to go through this grueling nightmare because I don’t have as many people depending on me.

Then, I realize, at the same time, I also wouldn’t have as many people pulling for me.  As evidenced by the updates constantly being brought to the top of my Facebook feed as more and more people like and comment on the posts describing the horrendous situation, this woman has an entire city, as well as many multiple towns that she’s lived in previously, behind her.  And sure, I don’t actually think cancer is scared of these hundreds of people saying they’re praying for its victim.  I don’t truly think that if enough people tell the woman to be strong and fight, the cancer will just give up because it’s too chicken to fight back.

But it can’t hurt.  And as long as there’s a possibility that it could help–whether you think that’s through the simple power of positive thinking or if you think prayer itself can transform things–you might as well, right?

I felt too strange telling someone I haven’t spoken to in years (we graduated together and worked at the pool over the summers together, but since then, she’s only been a Facebook feed to me) to fight something that is trying to take over her body, so instead, I just donated to a fundraiser to allow her mother to be with her during her treatment.  It’s nothing, and yet, it feels like at least I’m doing something.  Which I have to assume is the thing cancer hates the most–when, instead of tearing apart lives, it ends up bringing humanity closer together.

You don’t know this woman, but if you want to help her simply because you want to do something, please do. Or donate to organizations helping thousands of other strangers.  Or, if it’s all you feel right doing, just be grateful you aren’t going through this right now.

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