#671: Intergalactic Travel Bureau

16 Aug

When I arrived and was asked whether I like beach vacations, I said yes (of course), but also adventures.

First, I was told Mars might be the place for me, but when I spoke to my designated travel agent, she suggested the moons of Saturn, assuring me there were also lakes there.  To be honest, the agent didn’t seem all that knowledgeable about the different destinations, but I didn’t mind too much since they were giving out freeze-dried yogurt and M&Ms.

It only takes 7 years to get to Saturn, and apparently in 2024, the planets will be aligned (which is clearly a sight not to be missed), so my trip was set for 2017. When they asked whether I’d be bringing anyone with me I said yes because I am a secret optimist at heart, and just because I don’t currently have a guy willing to travel through the galaxy with me, that doesn’t mean I won’t in 3 years.  Maybe he’s on his way to Earth from Jupiter as we speak.

They even gave me a 10% discount on the trip’s price of $25 billion, so that was nice.  And the whole thing only took about 4 minutes.  Talk about efficient!

If you’d like to visit the Intergalactic Travel Bureau to design your own space-cation, you’d better hurry, because it’s closing after today.  Space travel bureaus are a fleeting thing.

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