#680: Have a 5 cent cocktail

28 Aug

They say every cloud has a silver lining.  I’d like the saying better if it were, “Every cloud has a burger lining.” Last night, it was.

The Owl’s Brew cocktail promotion at BFB where you get a token for a nickel that gets you a drink was a promising premise.  In practice, not so much. The bartender refused to tell me which of the 4 options he liked best–which wouldn’t have been so bad if done good-naturedly, but he answered my question with a gruff, “Don’t ask me that.”  The good part was that we found an open table in the crowded place quickly.  It took us much longer to realize the reason was because the restaurant wasn’t serving food that night.  Considering the main reason I wanted to go there, even perhaps a bigger draw than the great drink deal, was their supposedly terrific burgers, the cloud was pretty ominous and gray. Add to that the fact that flaky friends canceled at the last minute, and it looked like we were about to get rained on.

Luckily, the restaurant was close to The Corner Bistro, which I still hadn’t experienced yet aside from the Long Island City location which doesn’t really count.

The burger was fantastic.  The cloud subsided.

It’s easy to tell someone every cloud has a silver lining when they’re going through something less than ideal. It’s not so easy to suddenly produce a big, juicy burger that’s totally worth the hype.  So I get why the saying goes with the silver option.  Still, if you asked me whether I’d like a pile of silver or a perfect burger, I wouldn’t be able to answer right away…because I’d be too busy scarfing down the burger.

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