#697: Go to Spa Castle

29 Sep

Spa Castle has weird rules.  I knew this going into the experience because for years I had stalked the yelp reviews.

Mostly the rules people complained about included nakedness and barefootedness.

The nakedness wasn’t an issue because it was only enforced in a certain spa area, which my friend refused to even look at, let alone consider going into.  But the barefootedness was harder to get around.  Unless you pay to rent slippers, you have to go shoe-less everywhere inside the building, including the bathrooms and cafeteria.

I’m not saying the reason I suddenly came down with a fever today is because I got an infection from exposing my feet to whatever things are on a bathroom floor that you don’t want to think about even when you do have a shoe barrier in between them and your skin.  I’m just saying I suddenly came down with a fever today, and I went to Spa Castle yesterday.

So if there’s one rule I wish didn’t exist at this place, it’s that.

Or maybe this:

photo (85)

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