#700: Edge of Tomorrow

20 Oct

According to my brother, who has seen almost every movie in existence, this movie is not like Source Code. But I think it is. Never mind that based on the previews, I’d always thought Emily Blunt was a robot in this movie.  That’s not important.

What’s important is that Edge of Tomorrow is in fact a mix of Source Code and Groundhog Day.  The basic plot is that Tom Cruise has to relive the same day over and over to try to defeat an alien invasion, with the help of Emily Blunt (who is not a robot). Every time he dies, the day resets.

Despite the ending being slightly confusing, I liked the movie, mostly because I am programmed to enjoy plots where you get millions of chances to fix things, mostly because I often wish we got millions of chances to fix things in real life.

At least, I like the idea in theory.  In reality, getting to relive days in order to correct your mistakes would probably be 1.) frustrating, 2.) tedious, and 3.) confusing–you’d probably eventually lose track of what you’ve told who, on which day, and quite possibly eventually go crazy.  But you’d also probably be stuck in that day forever because how would you ever know when you had successfully “fixed” your mistake?

And that’s, of course, what makes life so infuriating.  And fantastic.  We have to live with our failures and faults, and we get to deal with disappointments, and we’re fated to find out whether the decisions we make on a daily basis end up being for the best.

We don’t have the opportunity to try something new with no consequence, but that raises the stakes and, at the same time, makes every risk more meaningful.

Which may not make a fascinating movie, but it certainly makes the journey toward a happy ending more interesting–and worthwhile.

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