#701: Twist and Smash’d

22 Oct

A-year-ago-me would have been very disappointed in me yesterday.  That’s because a-year-ago-me was dating someone preparing for the marathon, and he would often turn down food and drink if they weren’t healthy.  A-year-ago-me swore never to be like that, even if I ever prepared for a marathon, which a-year-ago-me didn’t think was a possibility anyway.

Yesterday, there was an open bar event at Twist and Smash’d (I don’t get the apostrophe either), and all I had was:

  • 4 mini soft pretzels
  • 2 mini empanadas
  • 1 mini spring roll
  • 4 chicken wings
  • 1 corndog
  • 2 sliders
  • 2 glasses of beer

To someone who used to pride herself on how much she can eat, that’s a pitiful showing.  To someone who used to insist upon taking advantage of all-you-can-whatever deals, the 2 beers number is especially pathetic.  To a-year-ago-me, who promised herself she’d never turn food into something other than an absolute pleasure, it’s a little frightening.

But the thing is, I don’t mind disappointing a-year-ago-me.  Because the person I currently am is doing the best she can to avoid copious amounts of junk food, which is in turn helping to prevent a hereditary diabetes diagnosis, not to mention assisting her in running half marathons and overall just being a healthier person.  The person I currently am understands that completely denying herself delicious food and drink is silly and, moreover, just no fun, so she tries her best to curb her junk intake only moderately.  She makes little healthy decisions that she hopes will add up to big healthy results.  She doesn’t refuse to eat or drink something when everyone else is eating or drinking so she can seem smarter than others.  She indulges in an absurd amount of ice cream and french fries and pasta before and after races because otherwise she could never even consider running.  She’s generally happy with the changes she’s made, even if they do cause her to only have 2 drinks at a 2-hour open bar, which anyone could tell you isn’t taking full advantage.

And besides, she ate 4 pieces of pizza today at a going-away lunch for a coworker, so a-year-ago-me really doesn’t have anything to worry about.

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