#702: Buy a rolling pin

23 Oct

I don’t bake.  It may be something about the patience required.  It could also be because my kitchen is technically in my living room, which is technically in my bedroom, and there is zero counter space.

The point is, I don’t have a lot of basic baking equipment.

Which hasn’t bothered me in the past.  My mom sends me cookies a few times a year, and she also makes them at Christmas, and they are the best cookies ever, and I’ve never had a desire to make them myself.

However.  I started thinking maybe it would be a good idea to try to make them.  Maybe my mother won’t always be able to make them, and then what would I do?  Survive without the cookies, you might be thinking.  You wouldn’t be thinking that if you’d tasted them.

And, well, it’s true that if there’s a road to having babies, I’m somewhere in the middle of the lake off the trail down the way from the winding path that if you follow it past the clearing and into the woods might eventually lead to that road.  But one day I may make it to that road, and if I do, you can bet I’ll want to be able to make the best cookies ever for my kids.

Now that I have a rolling pin, I’m one step closer to doing that.

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