#704: Run 500 miles

27 Oct

…not all at once.  That would be crazy.  (Of course there are some–including a-year-ago-me–who would say running even 5 miles sounds crazy.)

I’m mostly just posting about this milestone because ever since I reached 400 miles on my Nike app, I’ve been waiting for 500 so I could sing to myself, “And I would run 500 miles, and I would run 500 more.”  But The Proclaimers aside, it’s also pretty cool to think that in a year I’ve gone from thinking 5 miles was insane to insanely preparing for half marathons.

I’m proud of myself.  And if I were to have posted on Facebook about this accomplishment yesterday, I’m sure the post would have gotten at least 5 likes.  But the post from my friend (and, coincidentally, race buddy) proclaiming he was now in a relationship got over 100.  Also, tons of comments expressing congratulations.

Which made me think about what’s really important in life.

It’s no secret that I understand how comforting it is to be in a relationship with someone, to have someone on your team, to be part of a bond based on love.  And I’m not begrudging anyone their celebration of finding someone to share that with, least of all this friend who has probably been alone for longer than I have.

Plus, I know the reason I run, when I explain it to people, ends up sounding extremely thin.

“You don’t like running?  So then why are you training for a marathon?”

“To prove to myself I can do it.”

“Uh.  Okay.”

Weird look as if I’ve just said I was never going to eat chocolate or a burger again.

So I get why people on Facebook wouldn’t necessarily like a post that said, “I’ve run 500 miles since last November and I didn’t even have fun doing it but it makes me feel powerful and awesome to say that.”  It’s not as easily likable as, “I’ve found someone who will not only put up with the random things I do like training for a marathon, but who actually appreciates me for those things and is willing to put their name next to mine on the internet to prove it.”  But it’s just as–if not more–satisfying.

The reason I run is, to me, the most important reason I could possibly think of to do it: for myself–simply because I have decided I want to do it, and I am going to keep proving to myself that I can do this thing I’ve decided to do, no matter how far-fetched it may sound.

It’s important to make connections with people and find human beings who support you no matter what.  I’m perpetually seeking to do that.  I’d say it’s equally important to make connections with yourself and find things that make you proud of being who you are.  Running is one of my things.

Anyway, because I didn’t post it on Facebook…here you go:

photo (2)


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