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#720: Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas

There are many classic movies I haven’t seen for no reason.  The Nightmare Before Christmas is not one of them.  I’ve actively avoiding watching this one because it always looked terrifying.  In addition to the characters themselves seeming creepy, it also had to do with the fact that I’m scared of claymation.

So, after seeing Scrooged for the first time last night, projected onto the wall of the entirely-empty-except-for-us Pop Bar, when the bartender couldn’t play my date’s pick of Christmas Vacation (thanks to Netflix’s limited selection of streaming options), I decided to face my fear.

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#719: Make a giant cupcake

It doesn’t sound like a big deal.  But to someone whose prowess in the kitchen (or the area with the stove and sink in her living room, to be accurate) is limited, at best, it is.

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#718: Drink a mule

Before I drank the mule:

I took a morning run in the delicious, freaky, late-November warmth, and as I felt the calm wind rush against my face, I wondered how the air could feel so comfortable after such a treacherous night in America.

I went to work and braced myself for the black-and-white, clear-cut judgments from my super liberal coworkers, knowing that even though I was outraged, too, I wouldn’t as wholeheartedly agree with their convictions that people on the wrong side of history are pure evil, because really, I just want everyone to love each other, as naive and impractical as that may be.

I worried that my skirt was too short to be office-appropriate because it was, though it hadn’t seemed so short at home in the mirror.

I was shocked when no one at the office even mentioned Ferguson; were these people who claimed to be so progressive only insistent on demanding human rights when it came to abortion laws?

I thought about how I was glad I didn’t have children in this screwed-up place–but that’s not really true, because the world has always been part crap, part gorgeous, and though we don’t have to accept all of the crap, we also can’t wait to procreate until it’s perfect.

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#717: The Supply House

Nostalgia for Tin Lizzie: commence.

I hated that bar as much as any sane Upper East Sider did when I lived in the neighborhood.  It was the epitome of what people who disliked Yorkville despised–loud, obnoxious, catering to frat boys.  I never actually went there for enjoyment, though I stepped into it once or twice to use the restroom on the way home since it was conveniently located between the subway and my apartment.

So it’s not like I’m sad or wistful for the bar itself.  It was almost unanimously deemed terrible.

But this weekend, I met someone who had only lived in New York for 3 years, and when I asked him to name some favorite Upper East Side bars, all of the names were unknown to me.  He raved about The Supply House, and it was only after I failed to picture its location that he said, “It used to be Tin Lizzie.”

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#716: American Fine Craft Show

I’m not really sure how I ended up winning free tickets to this craft show at the Brooklyn Museum, but I’ve deduced that it’s probably from entering a contest to win a piece of art and getting the consolation prize instead.

Which to some might be disappointing, especially if they don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on hand-crafted items that will, at best, sit in their apartments waiting to be admired by guests who don’t come over often since said apartment is only 200 square feet, and at worst be put in a box of “someday” things that await a living location somewhere that provides space for such items.

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#715: Eat a donnoli

Why eat just one unhealthy pastry for breakfast when you can have a combination of two?  That’s what I always say.

Actually, I don’t say that because I didn’t know such a thing as the donnoli existed.  Reinforcing the idea that New Yorkers live in their own little bubble, the fact that a Philly bakery first created a donnoli–a cross between a cannoli and donut–this spring had escaped me.

But apparently this NYC cafe copied them.

I’m sorry to say that, just like the cronut experience, eating a donnoli was not as magical as it sounds.

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#714: Dutch Kills

Things I like about this bar: Read the rest of this entry »

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