#715: Eat a donnoli

22 Nov

Why eat just one unhealthy pastry for breakfast when you can have a combination of two?  That’s what I always say.

Actually, I don’t say that because I didn’t know such a thing as the donnoli existed.  Reinforcing the idea that New Yorkers live in their own little bubble, the fact that a Philly bakery first created a donnoli–a cross between a cannoli and donut–this spring had escaped me.

But apparently this NYC cafe copied them.

I’m sorry to say that, just like the cronut experience, eating a donnoli was not as magical as it sounds.

The cannoli cream was fine, but the donut part didn’t taste fresh at all, even though allegedly the dough is baked fresh every day.  It was hard, as if it had been sitting out all morning, despite the fact that I arrived at Alidoro an hour and a half after the place opened.

Will there ever be a pastry mashup I can get behind?  If I have to keep eating these sweet treats till I find one I like, I will willingly take on that challenge.


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