#724: Go to a cookie competition

07 Dec

I never thought I’d say this in relation to food, but sometimes, quality really is more important than quantity.

If you asked me whether I’d rather have a single bite of exquisite pizza or a whole slice of not so amazing pizza, I’d take the latter.

If you offered me a giant pail of spaghetti topped with store-bought sauce or a single forkful of pasta drenched in homemade deliciousness, I’d choose the former.

But when it comes to cookies, I’d rather have one amazing cookie than endless mediocre cookies.  Unfortunately, at this cookie competition, no one had entered an amazing cookie.

It was strange because I would have guessed, until yesterday, that people signing up for such a contest would be at least confident enough in their baking skills to ensure a pleasant taste and nice texture with every entry.

The chocolate chip cookie was hard and tasteless, the “peanut butter and jelly” cookie tasted of neither peanut butter nor jelly, and do not even get me started on the vegan cookie (and, I’m sorry, but I have to refute the claim that this concoction even belongs in the category of “cookie”).

Lest you assume I’m just bitter because I think my own cookie would have won if I’d entered, let me assure you that I understand all of these cookies–except the vegan–were better than any I could make from scratch.  But let me also assure you I’d never enter a cookie contest.

Sure, kudos to the competitors for trying something new, but the next time I consider paying $20 to eat unlimited cookies, I’m going to take that money and buy 3 giant Jacques Torres cookies…or 60 McDonald’s cookies.

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