#728: Miracle on 9th St

15 Dec

Sure, there are other bars in NYC that decorate for Christmas.  There are other bars that serve expensive holiday-themed cocktails.  But this is the only one (that I know of) that’s only around during the season, and therefore, this is the one I had to visit.

Whether it was worth the hour wait in line, the price tag for a tiny mug of egg nog, or the single stall bathroom doesn’t really matter.  What matters is it’s yet another thing for the list of “only in NY” things I’ve done that I can bring out when my great-grandchildren ask me about living here and I want to seem really cool (cause you know I’d be a really cool great-grandmother).

What also matters is that the cozy atmosphere helped put me even more into the spirit of the holidays–so much so that in listening to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on the train ride home, the chorus in one of the songs saying, “If you want to arrange it/ This world, you can change it/ If we could somehow make this/ Christmas thing last,” really got to me, and I found myself experiencing that warm-hearted sensation where I just want to love everyone and make the world a better place and also feel the embrace of someone who loves me, and I did, for real, in that moment, believe we can fix the broken things in this universe by starting out with a little compassion.

Or maybe it was the brandy that caused me to feel that way.  Either way, it was a nice feeling.

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