#729: Watch Gremlins

16 Dec

It’s been a big “first” movie year for me: Ghostbusters, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Reality Bites, Frozen.  It’s almost like I’m a real, living human being in the 21st century and not some weird creature with so little pop culture knowledge the only thing she can confidently reference on a regular basis is Friends.

I’m glad I didn’t watch this movie as a child because I’m pretty sure it would have scared me.  As it was, I couldn’t get past the fact that those stupid gremlins existed solely to drive people crazy (well, and kill them; there’s that, too).  They were so terrible.  It reminded me of this trick played on my friend on Tinder the other day where a girl got his number and then gave it out to other guys as if it were hers so that these other guys would text him.  There’s absolutely no point other than to annoy people–same with the Gremlins.  It’s not as if they required destruction in order to survive or anything.

But as annoying as they were, what was even more disturbing to me was the question of where they found all of those clothes. Somehow this town had hundreds of doll-sized costumes for every occasion just lying around?  That there could be such a thing as these monsters in the first place, or that the world’s most clueless dad just happens to come across one, or that a teenager (was he a teenager?  I may have missed where they explained his age because the bar showing the movie was giving out free pizza) would save the city from these maniacs?  Sure, I’ll go with it.  But where did they get their outfits?

Anyway.  The movie was impressive if only for the realization that it was created back when CGI wasn’t a thing, so actual people had to control the puppets.  Pretty fascinating.


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