#736: Listen to Serial

29 Dec

Are you even paying attention to what you’re reading now or are you too preoccupied with exclaiming, “How could you have taken so long to listen to ‘Serial’?”

Okay, I believe you.  But I’m still a little suspicious.

Which is apt, I suppose, for a post about this podcast.

I’m only halfway through, so I can’t be sure whether more information is unearthed later on, but for now, all I can say is that, as someone who doesn’t know how to lie, not really, it’s hard to comprehend that someone would be able to lie about something so grave.

I want to trust what the accused says.  I also want to trust what his detractors say.  Obviously, there’s a conflict here.  Sure, I spend a lot of time trying to read more into what people say than they mean, but when it comes down to it, I want to believe you when you tell me something.  It’s why I’m so gullible; my natural reaction is to believe you.

So listening to this case is maddening to me in a way that may not be the typical reaction–more than wanting to know who committed the crime, I want everyone’s words to be genuine, and I know that’s impossible in this situation.

I guess I shouldn’t keep listening, then, but of course I don’t really have a choice.  “Serial” has sucked me in just like it sucked you in, and it won’t stop until it gets all of us.


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