#737: Rolf’s

31 Dec

Did you ever Christmas! find yourself with a desire to Christmas! go to a restaurant that is so packed in that you Christmas! can hardly get in the door?  Did you also want Christmas! to have to shove your way into the building just Christmas! to have a chance to crowd in like Christmas! sardines for a fighting shot at reaching Christmas! the bartender?  Then, once you finally pushed yourself Christmas! far enough in to order, did you think Christmas! it would be nice to get a drink that Christmas! costs $17, so you could enjoy Christmas! it while feeling like you’re standing in the middle of Times Christmas! Square?

If so, then you might enjoy Rolf’s, a bar/restaurant that is impossibly packed because it goes insanely overboard with its holiday decorations.

Even if not, you may want to go there just once anyway, since you’ve probably never seen one tiny space so saturated with lights and ornaments and garland, and even though the experience itself is trying, you have to admit there’s no such thing as too much Christmas!


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Posted by on December 31, 2014 in NYC


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