#741: Run on a treadmill

07 Jan

After years of being physically unable to do this activity (I don’t know why but I just couldn’t run on a treadmill; friends who saw me try said I looked like a gazelle…that wasn’t running), I finally conquered it.

What I didn’t know about the treadmill:

  • If you’re supposed to hold on to the handles or not (I deduced after the first 15 seconds that no, you’re not)
  • How to set it to anything but its “quickstart” setting, even after playing with the other buttons for the first half mile
  • That I’d have to stop and restart since the quickstart only goes for 20 minutes
  • It’s almost bearable if you’re listening to “Serial”
  • Whether it would calculate the same mileage as my running app
  • That, while the ledge built into the machine looks convenient, you have to be holding your iphone if you want the running app to calculate how far you’re running instead of saying you’ve run 0.12 miles and burned 12 calories in 38 minutes
  • That if I have my running app on the relevant setting for once (treadmill vs. outside), I will be unable to manually input the actual distance afterwards
  • That, even though no one ever sees my running app, it bothers me to have an inaccurate run recorded there, despite the fact that I am ostensibly–and usually also in reality–running only for myself so it shouldn’t matter what an app (that no one sees!) says about me
  • How, when you get off, you’ll be dizzy, and it makes your legs feel like you’ve been at sea for a few weeks
  • Why it made me run in a way that caused a blister between my toes
  • That I’d end my workout at the same time as the swim team, which meant no changing booths were available, so I’d have to change in front of everyone

Not all of the strangeness was bad, though.  My treadmill run did succeed in some ways:

  • When I left, I peeked at the little athletic woman’s treadmill to see if I could figure out how to set it for something other than quickstart, and I noticed she was going at a slower pace than I was, which, even though I supposedly only run for myself and speed doesn’t really matter, made me happy
  • I remembered to bring a spare pair of underwear, so I didn’t have to go commando in 20-degree weather
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