#743: Kiss Punch Poem

11 Jan

I’m not sure whether the name of this comedy show/poetry slam was inspired by the game, Fuck, Marry Kill, but that’s what the name brought to mind for me.  Sometimes it’s difficult to choose between kissing a person, punching him, or reading him a poem.  Or alternatively, being kissed, being punched, or hearing a poem.

Regardless of where the name came from, this comedy show/poetry slam was pretty good.  Before the event, audience members contribute to a group poem, which is then read out loud, and then used as the basis for a series of improv scenes and poetry readings.  The concept is cool, though it did take me a while to understand what was happening, and not everything was as cohesive as I would have hoped.  At the end, a poet reads an original poem based on the sketches that have just been performed.

The best part of the show–and this is going to sound unappreciative but it’s meant to be the opposite–is that it was short.  It was over in about an hour, and then we were all on our merry way to continue our Saturday evening.  So many things, in the entertainment world or regular world, suffer from going on just a little past the point when everyone’s enjoying themselves.  Kiss Punch Poem kept it short and sweet, so that even if I didn’t “get” all of the performances (and yes, guy who projected what I guess was a poem onto a screen accompanied by music and weird screensaver-esque backgrounds, I’m talking about you), it was never painful.

I wouldn’t think I’d choose poetry over a kiss, but yesterday I had only the former, and I’d say it was a successful night.

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