#744: Attend a poetry slam

13 Jan

Things you should not do at a poetry slam:

  • ask to keep the TV on because it’s showing the Ohio State playoff game
  • clap your hands like a normal person applauding
  • wonder if the serious poem delivered like a crazed animal is supposed to be funny even though no one’s laughing
  • question whether the poems would even be considered good if they weren’t shouted and rapped
  • feel like you don’t belong and that you’re not sure how to find beauty in this style of performance

Things you should do at a poetry slam:

  • keep your attention directed on the speakers at all times because they are accomplished individuals
  • scream and cheer for every participant even if you have no idea what they just did up there
  • know that if you don’t understand some of the pieces, that probably means you just need to pay better attention
  • revel in the talent these people have for expressing themselves
  • acknowledge the performers are brave and beautiful for having written something and shared it with the world, and you are part of this world, and so you belong, and everyone is perhaps brought just a little bit closer because of it
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