#745: Boulton & Watt

15 Jan

The restaurant was having its 2-year anniversary party, promising certain $2 snacks and drinks for 2 hours between 7:30 and 9:30, so obviously I had to go.

Though when it was 9:20 and we were told they were no longer offering the drink specials because they ended at 9, I had to wonder if it was actually a 2-year birthday party. Two-year-olds can’t tell time.  Two-year-olds make promises they don’t keep because they don’t understand the concept of a promise.  Two-year-olds invite you into their home, tell you it will be 30-45 minutes before your table is ready, and then don’t text you for an hour and a half.

Okay, fine, the similarities end before that last one.  But still–the restaurant advertised the special everywhere, including on the sign in front of the place, and everywhere it said it lasted until 9:30.

Luckily, I had the foresight to order my $2 cast iron skillet chocolate chip cookie with milk when we placed our dinner orders at 8:30, so I still got the celebratory pricing.  Which is lucky for Boulton & Watt, because if I had missed out on it due to their silly time error, they would have had a 2-year-old-style tantrum on their hands.

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