#748: The Creek and the Cave

22 Jan

Unlike with most comedy experiences, I expected the one last night to be funny, since the comedian was someone with a fair amount of street cred–or whatever you get after being on SNL for 5 years.

And Colin Quinn did not disappoint.  What I wasn’t expecting was the performance area to be so small.  It gave true meaning to the word, “intimate.”  But having not a ton of leg room–something a 6′ tall woman doesn’t usually love–wasn’t a big deal, considering, again, the show was actually funny, and also, it was free.

As my laugh partner put it, “Good and free is the best, free and not so good is bad but not terrible, and horrible but costing money is the worst.”


Nothing about The Creek and the Cave was the worst, unless you consider going to Queens for a comedy show bad.  If so, you are the worst, and Queens doesn’t want you anyway.


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