#749: Fail to detect coconut

23 Jan

There has to be a metaphor in here somewhere about how things we think are disgusting may not always be, but I’m still having trouble even admitting what happened, so I don’t have the extra energy required to find it.

As I was chewing my peanut, almond, and dark chocolate protein bar yesterday morning, I suddenly felt the unmistakable soft-yet-crunchy texture of the worst food in the world.

That’s impossible, I thought at first.  Why would this granola bar have coconut in it with all those other things?

But as someone who can always detect the detestable food in anything, I knew to take my taste buds seriously.

I checked the list of ingredients on the wrapper, and there it was, in bold, black letters: toasted coconut.

I managed to finish the rest of the bar because I hadn’t brought a back-up snack, but with every bite, the question pounded again in my head. How did I not notice this?

Because the thing is, not only had I not checked before buying the box of protein bars (since I’d previously bought another flavor and stupidly didn’t think this flavor may have added in the pointless ingredient), but the box had 5 bars in it and this was the 4th one.

That meant I’d already consumed 3 bars without recognizing I was ingesting coconut!

You could almost blame it on the stuffy nose I have, since smell affects taste, but you could only do that if you forgot the main offensive trait of coconut is its texture.  The texture has been there all along, and I’ve been unaware of it.

Like I said, there’s a higher meaning to this story if you look for it, maybe something about how if you are terrible you should disguise yourself by hiding behind wonderful people, but I can’t spend time looking for it.  I have to devote all of my senses to sniffing out coconut from now on, lest I make the same mistake again.

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