#751: Make bolognese sauce

27 Jan

I’d never made homemade pasta sauce of any kind before, nor had I purchased or worked with ground beef.

What could go wrong??!

Actually, the only thing that went not according to the recipe my coworker typed out for me was that my pot was too hot and therefore the sauce refused to “simmer.”  Instead, it was intent upon boiling continuously no matter how many times I turned off the burner or switched burners completely.  Which meant I had to stand over the stove stirring the pot for 2 hours.

But aside from that small yet annoying hiccup, nothing went wrong!  I was as shocked as I imagine you are (assuming you know me and my mishaps in the kitchen; otherwise, you probably think I’m bragging about a pretty non-momentous occasion).

I chopped vegetables for a half hour.  I dealt with the raw meat.  I adjusted spices “to taste” even though I had no idea what they were supposed to taste like.  I waited patiently while the sauce thickened.  I babysat the too-hot pot so nothing would scorch.

And I was rewarded with delicious bolognese sauce that tasted exactly like it should.

You may now call me a gourmet chef.  But don’t ask me to make this sauce again for a while, please.

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