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#767: Use a crock-pot

Recipe for happiness:

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#766: Bronx Alehouse

One of the reasons this winter seems so bitter–nothing like the snow in Boston or the cold in Cleveland, but bad enough for fragile New Yorkers–is because the MTA is under practically system-wide construction every weekend.

So a trip to Bronx Alehouse that should have entailed an hour ride on 2 trains from my place actually took an hour and a half on 2 trains, one of which was running local and also auditioning for a Speed spin-off where a bomb will go off if the train goes above 15 mph, and then an Uber ride since the train with a stop right next to the bar wasn’t running at all.

Normally I’m not someone who shies away from experimenting with just how far you can go on the subway, but when there’s construction and snow on a Saturday, staying home is a tempting option. Read the rest of this entry »

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#765: Pay in Thai Baht

Almost every time someone hears about my Thailand trip (which happens a lot, because it’s a lot of fun to say, “Sorry, I can’t make the meeting–I’ll be in Thailand!”), they inevitably offer helpful advice like, “That’s so short!”

It is.  A week is an extremely short amount of time to spend in a country across the world.  It’s even shorter when you consider I will probably be in a jet-lagged haze for most of it. Read the rest of this entry »

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#764: Read Bukowski

The first time I wanted to read Bukowski was when I discovered a bar named Bukowski Tavern in Boston during college.  I never went there–I think because (aside from the fact that I wasn’t legally able to until my last year in the city) I hadn’t read anything by its namesake and thought I should at least know something about his writing before frequenting the bar, a notion that seems silly now and probably seemed silly back then as well–but I always wanted to.

The second time I wanted to read Bukowski was when I discovered the Modest Mouse song, “Bukowski,” also in Boston during college.  It wasn’t so much that I loved the song–there were a few from that band I liked better–but it was somehow all caught up with the bar and the mysterious author I hadn’t read, and so it fueled my desire to read his stuff even more.

The third time I wanted to read Bukowski was ever since, whenever I would nostalgically think of that bar, and that song, and wonder why I never got around to reading anything by that guy.   Read the rest of this entry »


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#763: Celebrate Galentine’s Day

I’m still not sure exactly what this holiday is.  I think it’s like Valentine’s Day but for girls (because Valentine’s Day is not for girls?), and I hear it has something to do with the show, Parks and Rec.

I know my celebration of it involved brunch, a visit to the Museum of Sex, and homemade chocolate chip nutella cookies, so regardless of whatever it’s supposed to be about, I think I can get behind it. Read the rest of this entry »

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#762: Register for a marathon

You’d think after more than a year of planning for this moment, hitting the register button would prompt at least some sort of thrill.  Just a little one; nothing major.  At least some small signal to indicate that every cell in my body fully understood what a monumental moment this was.

I filled in my name, my projected time (4:59:59, because, while it will probably take me more than 5 hours, setting a possibly unattainable goal is just one of the things that keeps me feeling young), and method of payment.  I winced at the fee of $227, which is more than $8 per mile and a ridiculous amount no sane person would agree to pay in exchange for the torture of pushing their one and only body through such a feat.

Then I sat there, expecting to feel triumphant.  Instead–nothing. Read the rest of this entry »

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#761: Get the typhoid vaccine

Shots!  Shots!  Shots!  Shots-shots-shots!  Shots! Shots–oh wait, we’re talking about the needle-in-arm kind, aren’t we?

Shots.  Shots.  Shots.

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