#754: [sek’ənd sun]

01 Feb

If anyone would appreciate a restaurant’s name being written as it’s pronounced, like in a dictionary, I would.  But come on, a schwa? You’re trying too hard.

Of course, that can all be forgiven if the bar/restaurant is as good as it seems from the menu, happy hour (even on a Saturday!), and photogenic light-up “Queens” sign in the small back garden.

I’m not sure if it is.  On the positive side, we have delicious food (pumpkin gnocchi, better-than-average fries, beignets with nutella sauce) and the aforementioned happy hour.  On the negative, we have a mostly absent waitress (who never brought water for 2 of my dining companions) and mysterious portion sizes.  I get that gnocchi is typically served in a portion meant for a child or as an appetizer. Somewhere, at some point, this became the thing to do with gnocchi–give a few pieces to the diner and call it a meal.  But if you’re going to charge $14 for the dish and list it as one of the few main dishes you offer, you’ve got to give me more than 10 pieces.  On the other hand, the fries accompanying the burger could have served 3 people.  The beignets, which we were told would come in a count of 5 to 6, arrived on a plate of 7…which I’m not complaining about, but that dessert was more filling than my meal that cost twice as much.

I’ll probably return for fries and beignets and the fantastic happy hour, but I don’t think that will make up for the pretentious name.  You may think you’re cute, but I’d rather you concentrate on serving meal-sized portions.  That way, I’ll leave full and satisfied and forget you actually have brackets in the official title of your restaurant.


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