#761: Get the typhoid vaccine

12 Feb

Shots!  Shots!  Shots!  Shots-shots-shots!  Shots! Shots–oh wait, we’re talking about the needle-in-arm kind, aren’t we?

Shots.  Shots.  Shots.

In addition to hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines, I’m also supposed to get a tetanus shot, but when I asked my doctor if she could just do all 3 at once, she said, “Where would I do it?”  Good question, considering both arms were already shot up.

Do they put shots in people’s butts these days?  Not that I’d want it.  Tetanus hurts worse than the 2 I got yesterday, and my right arm is still throbbing a day later, so I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t be able to handle that type of pain in the place that holds me up all day in my chair.

Still, the thought of having to go back to get the most painful procedure later on is not a pleasant one.  Nor is the idea that I paid $100 for the sting of the typhoid vaccine (and possibly more for the other one, but I have to wait to hear from my insurance).

The thought of basking in the sun on Thai islands in a month and a half?  Much more pleasant.


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2 responses to “#761: Get the typhoid vaccine

  1. Krystle

    February 12, 2015 at 11:19 pm

    When I got my scuba certification my doctor gave me the Tetanus shot and it wasn’t toooooo bad. The stories of how bad it hurt were a lot worse than the actual pain. It was a little sore for a few days, but I survived. 🙂 Hope it’s not too bad for you. And keep thinking about Thailand, this will all be worth it!

    • fishmongerairlines

      February 13, 2015 at 7:15 am

      Thanks for the encouraging words! And yeah, having a clear end-game helps. Congrats on the scuba cert! That’s got to be awesome.


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