#763: Celebrate Galentine’s Day

16 Feb

I’m still not sure exactly what this holiday is.  I think it’s like Valentine’s Day but for girls (because Valentine’s Day is not for girls?), and I hear it has something to do with the show, Parks and Rec.

I know my celebration of it involved brunch, a visit to the Museum of Sex, and homemade chocolate chip nutella cookies, so regardless of whatever it’s supposed to be about, I think I can get behind it.

Never mind that there are countless other restaurants that serve much better food for far less money than the gimmicky jazz brunch we attended.  Forget that the Museum of Sex charges way too much at full price (which of course I would never pay) for a few sex toys and a sad story about Linda Lovelace of Deepthroat fame, plus a racing dildo game (which of course I won), and a currently out-of-order bounce house made of breasts (about which I will be eternally disappointed, considering I am on a life-long mission to jump in as many adult moonwalks as I can).

The cookies made up for all of that.  Well, that, and the pleasant companionship of the female variety.  One can never have too much of either.

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