#765: Pay in Thai Baht

21 Feb

Almost every time someone hears about my Thailand trip (which happens a lot, because it’s a lot of fun to say, “Sorry, I can’t make the meeting–I’ll be in Thailand!”), they inevitably offer helpful advice like, “That’s so short!”

It is.  A week is an extremely short amount of time to spend in a country across the world.  It’s even shorter when you consider I will probably be in a jet-lagged haze for most of it.

So of course I’d rather go for 2 weeks, or, like the friend I’m meeting in Bangkok, 5 weeks.  But I don’t get that kind of vacation time at work, and frankly, it annoys me that people who are not going on this trip feel the need to tell me how I’m doing it wrong.  I’d rather go for a week than not at all, so I’m going for a week.

Okay, that mini-rant was necessary for the reason any rant is–to provide release for the ranter–but I’m not actually that annoyed.  I mean, I just paid for 5 nights of hotels (one requiring payment in Thai Baht) that together cost about the price of one night in big US cities.  I’m doing it right for me, and that’s all I can ever do.

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One response to “#765: Pay in Thai Baht

  1. Moritz

    February 22, 2015 at 5:56 am

    You are absolutely right. It’s not important what others think when you are enjoying your trip!


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