#766: Bronx Alehouse

22 Feb

One of the reasons this winter seems so bitter–nothing like the snow in Boston or the cold in Cleveland, but bad enough for fragile New Yorkers–is because the MTA is under practically system-wide construction every weekend.

So a trip to Bronx Alehouse that should have entailed an hour ride on 2 trains from my place actually took an hour and a half on 2 trains, one of which was running local and also auditioning for a Speed spin-off where a bomb will go off if the train goes above 15 mph, and then an Uber ride since the train with a stop right next to the bar wasn’t running at all.

Normally I’m not someone who shies away from experimenting with just how far you can go on the subway, but when there’s construction and snow on a Saturday, staying home is a tempting option.

Luckily, the barrel-aged festival going on at the Bronx Alehouse (which was the reason we decided to trek all the way there in the first place) was pretty decent.  The price wasn’t anything to be excited about–something my friends who lived in the Bronx were outraged about, even prompting one of them to declare that if he were mayor he would make it illegal to charge more than $6 for a glass of whiskey above 100th st–but we did get to sample 6 different beers that were special due to their various barrels.

Still, I probably won’t try to visit that place again, unless the MTA magically starts working normally on the weekends. Considering the winter we’ve had so far and my relatively long history with New York City’s transit system, I’m not holding my breath.

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