#784: Staten Island Brewfest

03 May

One of the things that irritates me the most (in the category of events, let’s be clear) is poorly run events.  When I attend an event that in theory could be great and in reality is logistically a nightmare, it makes me want to go home and sit on my couch and watch Netflix because at least I won’t be disappointed with re-runs of Gilmore Girls.

I guess I should have known–the brewfest was cheap, on Staten Island, and at the stadium.  So of course we had to go through security 3 times because we had to keep getting out of line to do something else (get a ticket, throw out our water bottles, etc.).  And of course the souvenir tasting glass was plastic.  But the regulation of the chicken wing samples was unanticipated.  First, my friend used all 10 of his tickets to get 10 wings.  Then my other friend got 3 wings without using any of her tickets.  Then I got 4 by using one.  It was a mess.  You could essentially get all-you-could-eat wings (not endless; just as many as you could handle) because the system was so inconsistent, but I’d rather get a set number and know the rules than try my luck at willy-nilly-wing-fest.

Also, it was freezing.  On what was pretty much the perfect day to be outside tasting beer and wings (sunny, upper 60s), they had the event on the concourse instead of on the field.  The shaded, wind-tunneled, concrete concourse.  So everyone was huddling together in the 4 sunny patches available, shifting slightly every so often as the sun made its way across the sky.  It was miserable.

To make it worse, the drinking fountains were turned off, so all of us who had to dump out our water bottles weren’t able to have water at all.

Apparently this was the 4th annual Staten Island brewfest, which makes me wonder: 1.) what was the first one like? and 2.) who would ever go to this more than once?  Every year they must just attract new people who haven’t been before and don’t realize how awful this wonderful-in-theory event it is in practice.

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