#787: Eat an apricot

08 May

As my coworker and I eagerly followed another into the kitchen to wash our apricots, another coworker shouted, “What’s wrong with you people?!”

Apparently, eating whole apricots is a typical thing people do, and there was something strange about us for having not done it before.  I had no idea.  Either did my coworker.

It’s amazing the things we consider common knowledge just because we have that knowledge.  We’re all built from our experiences as if ours is the only way to live, and while society recognizes this often when it comes to the rampant dismissal of humans unlike ourselves in any number of distinguishing factors (race, gender, education, money, who we’ve found to love us), I don’t know that we understand just how deeply this sentiment is seared into our everyday interactions.

After all, here I was, simply trying a whole apricot, something I never thought of to try or realized I was missing out on, and I was being judged for being somehow unenlightened.  Obviously, those things listed above are more dire to work out with our fellow humans, but the fact that we are so quick to assume there’s something wrong with anyone who hasn’t had the exact same life experience as us makes it seem incredible we can ever get people to consider others’ points of view, even briefly, even if not entirely successfully.

I won’t judge you if you haven’t tried an apricot.  But even more importantly, I think, I won’t insist you have to try one just because you haven’t.  I don’t know that apricots are best for you.  Only you know what is the right fruit for you.  It’s nice to try new things–I’m clearly partial to that endeavor–but if you don’t want to eat any kind of fruit at all, we can still coexist just fine.

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