#795: Love Broad City

21 May

When I first tried watching Broad City a month or so ago, I liked it.  It was decent; it was mildly humorous; I could see why people liked it. But I wasn’t inspired to keep watching episode after episode as I am with obvious gems like Catfish: The TV Show.

Then I took a few weeks off from it because there were still multiple seasons of Gilmore Girls to re-watch on Netflix.

I came back to it this week, and it’s suddenly absolutely hilarious.  I can relate to a lot of it, and the stuff I can’t just makes me acknowledge I’m in a slightly different demographic from the mid-20s Brooklynite, which I’m totally okay with.

Of course, like with Girls, I also sometimes feel ashamed for relating to parts of it, but more often than not, I find myself feeling a fondness for New York as a result of watching it.  And even if I’m supposed to cringe at the scenes on the subway or on a ridiculous date or lugging an air conditioner home, I mostly just think, “Yes, this is why.”

Because despite all of the essays that have been written with the intent to do so, you can’t ever fully describe why you love NYC.  You simply know you do.

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