#797: Eat tacoviche

25 May

I don’t like traveling alone.  I know I’m supposed to be relaxing and appreciating that I can do whatever I want whenever I want, and I don’t have to worry about the fights that come from a traveling partner being tired or hungry, and there are tons of people who would love to be in my position.

I know all of this, and still, on my pre-work-trip vacation to Puerto Rico, I want someone sitting next to me so I can laugh with them about the dogs hyper-actively playing in the waves–so I can celebrate with them after receiving an upgrade to a king-size bedroom–so I can gasp with them when I realize I forgot to pack any underwear.

So I can tell them how proud of myself I am for trying tacoviche for dinner.  It was ceviche in a plantain taco shell, and considering I don’t like seafood, it’s a big feat that I both ordered and ate it.  The fact that I ended up not hating it is just a bonus.

But since I don’t have someone sitting next to me to tell this to, I’m telling you.  Thank you for being a virtual someone while I wait for my full-time someone to find his way to me.

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