#800: The Gallery Inn

28 May

There are things in life whose sole purpose is to delight.  I don’t know if that statement is true, but I’m compelled to write it after staying at The Gallery Inn.

A sprawling, eclectic, art-filled funhouse of charm, this hotel is hands-down the coolest place I’ve ever stayed on vacation (and I’ve stayed in a castle-hotel on the cliffs of Jamaica).  At every turn, there was something new to investigate, whether it was the parrots who squawked hello or the countless head sculptures hanging out all over the place.

There were no TVs in the bedrooms, but you don’t go to The Gallery Inn for modern entertainment.  You go there for a unique room, each one something out of a historical romance.  You go there for lush gardens and candle-lit hallways, stone steps and sweeping views of San Juan from the roof.  You go there to both get away from the bustle of the city and become enveloped into it.

If I hadn’t already developed a slight crush on this town before I even arrived in Old San Juan, experiencing The Gallery Inn would have rendered me smitten.

So maybe the hotel was not created only to make people happy.  Possibly the owner also likes making money.  But if you told me she’d created it just so that I could discover it, I would believe you.

photo 1   photo 3

photo 2   photo 5

photo (2)   photo 4

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