#806: Camp in New York

15 Jun

There are some things that cannot be bad.

Camping?  Could be bad if the place is bad.

New York?  Could be bad if you’re in a bad mood.

Camping in New York?  Could be bad if you don’t own camping gear.

Camping in New York at Malouf’s Mountain, however, is just one of those things that cannot be bad.

I’ve suspected it ever since I first came upon the website for this campground in the mountains near Beacon, NY 5 years ago, which is why I’ve been trying to plan a trip there/convince people to go with me for just as long.  For whatever reason–multiple, varied–it just never happened.

But I finally made it happen this weekend, and it was as wonderful as I’d imagined.

There was intense hill/mountain hiking just to get to our site.  There was a hot, sweaty, stifling first night in the tent.  There were only 2 bags (normal and party size) of Cool Ranch Doritos for 8 people to share.

Despite these minor inconveniences, there was a whole lot of nature and laughing and fun and escape-from-the-citying, which made it overall terrific.

Plus, there was a gorgeous sunset–the full name of the campground is Malouf’s Mountain Sunset Campground–and if you know anything about me, it’s that you can show me a sunset and instantly make me happy.

So if the 5-star yelp reviews aren’t enough for you, take my word for it: if you’re considering camping near New York City, you’d be silly not to consider this place.

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