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#814: Run 1000 miles

A milestone for any runner, getting to this number means a lot to me specifically, particularly right now.

After struggling through every step since March due to the illness I had but never really got rid of, reaching 1000 miles seemed out of reach even 2 months ago.

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#813: See The End of the Tour

I may never finish Infinite Jest.  Let’s just get that out there from the start.

I intended to, really, I did, even if only to prove to myself it was, in fact, one giant jest.  But we’re coming up on 4 years now and I’m only somewhere around the middle, having not touched the book for around 2 years, except when I’m moving it to dust behind my bedside table. Sure, it’s possible I’ll pick it back up again at some point, since it truly is something I would like to get through.  I’m just saying that if you told me to pick 10 books to read, and I would be guaranteed not to die before finishing them, well, I’d probably only need just the one.

Suffice it to say I don’t have the same sort of awe for the author as many people do. Read the rest of this entry »

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#812: Do a mud run

Running a race that includes obstacles in mud pits wasn’t something I had ever particularly wanted to do.  But if we only ever did things on our bucket list, we’d probably end up doing a whole lot of nothing most of the time.

So the fact that more than 24 hours later I am still trying to figure out how to get enough dirt out of my clothes so I can put them with the rest of my dirty clothes to wash isn’t an indication that I didn’t have a good time.  Well, it isn’t an indication that I’m not glad I did it, at least.

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#811: La Palapa

This was going to be titled, “Turn down a free dessert,” but I can’t be certain I’ve never done that before.  There must have been times last year, when I was being very good about healthier eating, that I ignored a cookie on the table at work.

The reason we had a free dessert to turn down at La Palapa is because, once we were seated, we were ignored for about 10 minutes. When we finally asked for water and to order, we were then ignored for 5 more.  Then they brought water and dips for chips but no chips.  Little things, right? Read the rest of this entry »

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#810: Get clawed by crabs

I love the water–ocean, lake, river, whatever.  Give me a chance to go in it (and some decent weather, of course), and I’m there.

So it was with great regret that about 6 or 7 years ago I discovered jellyfish and Portuguese man o’ war.  After having been in the ocean dozens of times (growing up near Lake Erie meant most of my beach experiences had been in fresh water), I suddenly had a reason to fear the warm, salty seas of Florida, and it was unnerving. Could I ever go back into the water knowing these creatures capable of such painful stings were in there waiting for me?

Well, yes.  I wouldn’t go back in on a particular day I was stung, but I would go in on the next one, and I would mostly forget about the stinging terror that lurks in the ocean.

Yesterday, I was reminded not everything in the water is soft and fuzzy when suddenly a crab grabbed my toe. Read the rest of this entry »

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