#811: La Palapa

03 Aug

This was going to be titled, “Turn down a free dessert,” but I can’t be certain I’ve never done that before.  There must have been times last year, when I was being very good about healthier eating, that I ignored a cookie on the table at work.

The reason we had a free dessert to turn down at La Palapa is because, once we were seated, we were ignored for about 10 minutes. When we finally asked for water and to order, we were then ignored for 5 more.  Then they brought water and dips for chips but no chips.  Little things, right?  On a 90 degree day during a brunch that was an hour later than originally planned, and with a stomach like mine, no.  They didn’t seem little at the time (though yes, rationally I understand in the grand scheme of things, it will not matter in 5 years whether I was hungry for an extra 15 minutes yesterday).

After they finally took our order and brought our drinks, I reminded them about the chips yet again.  They arrived 2 minutes before our meals.

It seems petty and silly to type it all out now, but in a restaurant where only half the tables are occupied, and more than half of those are occupied with customers who have already finished their meals, it makes no sense to make one table of 2 wait 15-20 minutes to order their food.

Would I return to La Palapa?  Yes, because at the end of the meal, the waiter offered us a free dessert or free drinks for having to wait. We turned down the dessert because we don’t like flan, and we turned down the drinks because we didn’t need them (I don’t know what that means either).  But on the off-chance that we’ll encounter similar poor service and be offered more free stuff the next time, I will go back.  Plus, they had pitchers of sangria for $10, so if I did need multiple drinks, this restaurant would provide an affordable way to have them.

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