#819: City Reliquary

12 Sep

I’ve passed by this small storefront countless times on my walk from the G train in Williamsburg, and it always piqued my interest, but I was always on my way to somewhere else so I never stopped by.

When I heard they had a current exhibit of record album covers commemorating the Twin Towers, and it was September 11th, and I had to be in Brooklyn for a show and birthday party later that night anyway, I figured it was the perfect time to go.

Which it would have been, had it not been the one day they happened to decide to close early.  It was just after 5:30 when I arrived and found the owner halfway out the door.

“We’re closing early today,” he said.

“Of course you are, since I’m here,” I didn’t say, but definitely thought.

But the man had pity on me and said he could keep the museum open just for me.  Normally I would refuse such an offer that clearly only benefited me and cut into his plans.  But I was there, and he insisted it was fine, and hey, I paid the $5 admission fee, so it wasn’t only for my own benefit.

The museum was small but cool.  Imagine an NYC history buff collector’s living room and you will have an idea of what the place looks like.  You could probably spend an hour examining each piece, but I didn’t want to further impose on the owner’s kindness, so I’ll probably come back at some point.

After I left, I was looking at my phone on a street corner when I ran into someone from work who told me he used to live next door to the museum’s owner, and he would always set up little exhibits in his apartment window.  So apparently the museum is just an expansion of that.

Is it actually worth an admission fee?  I mean, probably not, but plenty of things in this city cost much more for much less entertainment value, and I’d rather give money to this cause than many of the others that are constantly vying for my attention.  Plus, I got to explore a museum all by myself.  Granted, it was only slightly larger than my own studio apartment, but still.  When you live in New York City, you learn to value private space so much that it practically does become priceless.  So it’s a small price to pay, really.

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